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About Sport Shot Photo

Sport Shot Photo is run by christopher mitchell. Some might find it odd that I use "we" everywhere on this site, but the Royal We just seems to impart some sort of nobility on this whole enterprise.

I have been shooting sports since 2001. I started shooting and continue to primarily shoot college outdoor sports. Along the way, I have shot younger athletes for events such as the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association State Cup.

I am an enthusiastic photographer who has played many sports and understands the athletic mentality. I am actually a long-time jock who picked up a camera. While I have had terrific results with formal photos at weddings and the like, I am most comfortable capturing candid moments.

I strive to please and will always tell you if I think you should take your business to a different photographer. Different photographers have different skills. One of my skills is candor. Well, that might be more of a trait than a skill. But I have it nonetheless.

If you want to know more, give me a call at 651-247-6569 or drop me a line - info@sportshotphoto.com.